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TVS Emerald Elements Kovilambakkam

Welcome to Chennai's feature-rich residential community - TVS Emerald Elements Kovilambakkam is a residential plotted project developed by TVS Emerald, a division of TVS Motor Company. The project is located in Kovilambakkam, Chennai, India. It is a gated community that offers a range of amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, clubhouse, children's play area, landscaped gardens, and more.The project offers residential plots in different sizes. The apartments are designed to provide spacious living with ample natural light and ventilation. The project is built with earthquake-resistant structures and is designed to meet the highest standards of quality.TVS Emerald is committed to creating sustainable living spaces and has incorporated several eco-friendly features into the project. These include rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plants, and solar-powered lighting.Kovilambakkam is a rapidly developing suburb of Chennai and is located close to IT hubs such as Sholinganallur and Perungudi. It is well-connected to other parts of the city through road and rail networks. The area is also home to several schools, colleges, hospitals, and shopping centers, making it an ideal location for families.

Project Highlights

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TVS Emerald Elements Kovilambakkam in Conveys You Elegant Plots with Lots of Amenities

The project is located in Kovilambakkam, Chennai, and offers a range of amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, clubhouse, children's play area, landscaped gardens, and more. TVS Emerald is committed to creating sustainable living spaces and has incorporated several eco-friendly features into the project. These include rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plants, and solar-powered lighting.

Key Dates:

  • Pre-launch Date: Yet to be Announced.
  • Completion Date: On Request.
  • Possession Date: Immediately after Completion


Kovilambakkam is a rapidly developing suburb of Chennai and is located close to IT hubs such as Sholinganallur and Perungudi. It is well-connected to other parts of the city through road and rail networks. The area is also home to several schools, colleges, hospitals, and shopping centers, making it an ideal location for families.

The real estate giant TVS Group has developed stylish and modern residential units.

TVS Emerald Elements Plots project. But, based on the information you have provided, it seems that the project offers several benefits, including its location close to various educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping complexes, and entertainment centers. The presence of reputed schools and colleges such as St. Johns Public School, Pon Vidyashram Group of CBSE Schools, and Asan Memorial College of Engineering and Technology, can be advantageous for families with school-going children. Additionally, the presence of hospitals such as Global Hospital and Apollo Medical Centre can be beneficial in case of any medical emergencies.

It's always essential to do thorough research and gather updated information before making any investment decision. You can visit the official website of TVS Emerald or contact their sales team to get more detailed information about the project's current status, amenities, and pricing.

the extensive running track and extensive clubhouse, where numerous indoor events are held. The TVS Emerald Elements Kovilambakkam is designed with a lot of beautiful basics, like a pool, modern recreation center, and pool room.

A variety of world-class amenities are available to residents of TVS Emerald Elements Kovilambakkam Chennai. The project includes a swimming pool, children's play area, fully equipped gymnasium, and landscaped garden. Additionally, there is a banquet hall, games room, and library in the clubhouse. The project's 24-hour security services and CCTV surveillance guarantee the safety and security of its residents.

Chennai has been the first place for investments for its swift growth in all sectors like IT, other industries, educational and real estate.TVS Project Chennai is a new launch settlement by TVS Group.

Moreover, the projects in Chennai delivers a maintainable living style with its cosy and comfortable living style.

TVS Emerald Elements Plots based on the available information:

Key Features:

  • Amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, clubhouse, children's play area, landscaped gardens, and more
  • Eco-friendly features such as rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plants, and solar-powered lighting
  • earthquake-resistant structures designed to meet the highest standards of quality
  • Located in Kovilambakkam, a rapidly developing suburb of Chennai
  • Close proximity to IT hubs such as Sholinganallur and Perungudi
  • Well-connected to other parts of the city through road and rail networks

  • TVS Plots Chennai is designed to be eco-friendly, with features such as rainwater harvesting, solar lighting, and energy-efficient appliances. These features help to reduce the carbon footprint of the project and make it sustainable.

    Proximity to Industrial Hubs: TVS Emerald Elements Plots Kovilambakkam to industrial hubs. However, based on the available information, Kovilambakkam is located in close proximity to IT hubs such as Sholinganallur and Perungudi, which are home to several IT companies and business parks. This makes it an ideal location for professionals working in these industries.

    Chennai is a major industrial hub and home to several large manufacturing units and industrial parks. The city is known for its automobile, software development, and hardware manufacturing industries. It's likely that Kovilambakkam, being located in Chennai, would have good connectivity to industrial hubs and business centers in the city, making it an attractive location for professionals and businesses.

    Upcoming projects are often a better option for home buyers and investors for several reasons. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits:?

    Early bird pricing: Upcoming projects may offer early bird pricing, which is often more affordable than the prices of completed projects. Developers may offer discounts or other incentives to attract early buyers, which can be beneficial for those looking to invest in a property at a lower cost.

    Advantages of upcoming or pre-launch projects

    The TVS Elements Kovilambakkam Plots is the best upcoming project in the city.

    Customization: Upcoming projects may offer more flexibility in terms of customization. Buyers may have the option to choose the layout, size, and finish of their unit, making it more personalized and tailored to their preferences.

    Modern amenities: Upcoming projects may offer the latest amenities and facilities, such as smart home technology, energy-efficient appliances, and eco-friendly features. This can make the property more appealing to buyers and may provide cost savings in the long run.

    Potential appreciation: As the project nears completion and demand for the property increases, the value of the property may appreciate, providing potential returns on investment for buyers.

    Lower maintenance costs: Upcoming projects may have lower maintenance costs as the property is newly constructed, which can reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance for buyers.

    • The kind of approval
    • Percentage of open space
    • Total area for the clubhouse

    These days, developers make all of this information available in a pamphlet.s.

    3. Customization options:Another benefit of buying an upcoming project is the opportunity to customize the property. Buyers can choose the layout, color scheme, and fixtures that they prefer, allowing them to create a space that truly reflects their personality and style.

    4. Better location : Many developers choose prime locations for their upcoming projects. This means that home buyers and investors can get access to prime locations that may not be available in older properties. These locations are often close to major transportation hubs, shopping centers, and other amenities that make living more convenient.

    5. Potential for higher returns :Investing in an upcoming project can potentially offer higher returns on investment. As the project develops and matures, the property value may increase, allowing investors to sell for a profit. Additionally, the potential for rental income from tenants can also offer a steady stream of income for investors.

    About the TVS Properties

    TVS Properties is an Indian real estate development firm with headquarters in Chennai. TV Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited was the name of the business when it was first established in 1911. Since then, it has developed into a diverse business group with interests in real estate, finance, and automotive. TVS Properties builds both residential and commercial properties. TVS Emerald Green Enclave, TVS Emerald Haven, TVS Emerald County, TVS Emerald Heights, and TVS Emerald Gardens are among the numerous projects that the company has completed in Chennai. From luxurious apartments to affordable housing, these projects provide a variety of housing options. TVS Properties' commitment to green building practices and sustainability is one of its distinguishing characteristics. In order to create sustainable living spaces for residents and lessen the impact on the environment, the company uses green technology and materials in its projects. TVS Emerald Green Enclave, for instance, is a green building with a platinum rating, while TVS Emerald Haven has a gold rating. For its work in real estate development, TVS Properties has received numerous awards. At the 2013 CNBC AWAAZ Real Estate Awards, the company's project TVS Emerald Hills received the award for "Best Luxury Villa Project." Additionally, at the 2017 Golden Globe Tigers Awards, TVS Emerald Green Enclave was recognized as the "Best Sustainable Residential Project."

    The giant developer has been working in many different portfolios like

    • Residential
    • Retail
    • Leisure
    • Educational
    • Hospitality
    • Commercial
    Merits of spending in TVS Upcoming Residentail Plotting Development
    • Residential plots/ Houses: villa or independent houses are the all-time favourites of many of us. The Bungalows with a garden space, open space and foliage around the home would be a enjoyment.
    • Privacy and Security: We intend for these to be any customer's primary topographies. These fundamental and prominent topographies ought to be the default for everyone. TVS Emerald Elements Plots Chennai has a strict security system. We have the privacy we need because there is enough distance between each.
    • Better Returns: TVS Group is aware of current market trends. Thus, they've picked Chennai. is significant in the real estate market due to its IT hub, malls, hospitals, and other enjoyable locations. Additionally, this neighborhood's planned developments will generate higher returns.

    The fact that the project's developers have taken steps to ensure the safety, luxury, and comfort of the residents is commendable. Particularly notable is the inclusion of technology to assess the region's air quality. In many cities, air pollution is becoming a bigger problem, so it's important to take steps to protect people's health and well-being. Real estate development projects are increasingly making use of technology to monitor air quality. It works well to make sure that the air in the area is safe for people to breathe. The measurement of PM2.5, a dangerous level of particulate matter, is crucial because it can aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions.

    In today’s fullest metropolitan life, TVS Properties Chennai helps you with the latest skill that raises your living normal.

    In an effort to provide admiring residents with superior housing information, TVS Emerald Elements Chennai exemplifies elegance, thoughtfulness, and subtlety. These residential structures are constructed on a lot of land with just enough space for construction.

    TVS Chennai

    Homebuyers and investors frequently benefit from price reductions offered by pre-launch projects. The project's price has not yet been set because it is still in the new-launch phase, but it is likely to be less than for completed projects. This is because developers frequently provide discounts and other incentives during the pre-launch phase to entice customers. Since prices are likely to rise once the project is finished, purchasing a plot in a pre-launch project can be a good investment. Prices will likely rise as the project nears completion due to increased demand for plots in the area. As a result, investors who purchase plots during the pre-launch phase stand to gain from future capital appreciation.

    The TVS Project in Chennai has all of the necessary features and amenities to make the lives of residents as comfortable as possible. Its design is absolutely chic. Since Chennai has changed into a significant business and private center point, the project spot likewise gives financial backers extra advantages.


    TVS Emerald Elements is a high-end plotted development in a Chennai suburb that is rapidly expanding to the west. is well-connected to other parts of Chennai by major roads and highways and is located along the Grand Western Trunk Road (NH-48).

    It is one of India's fastest-growing industrial hubs, home to a number of multinational corporations, automobile manufacturers, and IT companies. Numerous commercial centers, shopping malls, and residential developments have emerged as a result of these businesses' presence, making it an ideal location for young professionals and families.

    TVS Emerald Elements Kovilambakkam Chennai is an excellent investment opportunity for investors looking to invest in a high-growth area due to its proximity to the industrial corridor. The improvement is likewise found near a few conspicuous instructive organizations, medical clinics, and retail plazas, making it an independent territory.

    There are a variety of plot sizes available in the development, ranging from 600 square feet to 2400 square feet. The plots are made so that there is enough room for trees and landscaping and enough room for people to build the homes of their dreams.

    The development features a range of amenities to provide a luxurious and comfortable living experience for residents. Some of the amenities include a clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, landscaped gardens, children's play area, and round-the-clock security. Overall, TVS Plots In Kovilambakkam is an excellent investment opportunity for homebuyers and investors looking to invest in a high-growth area with a strong potential for appreciation. The development is located in a fast-growing neighborhood with excellent connectivity to other parts of Chennai and is designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable living experience for residents.

    Kovilambakkam Chennai tamilnadu, The Next Real Estate Hub

    Kovilambakkam is a rural territory in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Due to its strategic location, excellent connectivity, and availability of a wide range of residential properties, it has emerged as a preferred location for real estate investment over the past few years.

    Kovilambakkam's growing status as a real estate hub can be attributed in part to its close proximity to Chennai's most important commercial and business districts. It is just a few kilometers away from OMR's IT hub, Sriperumbudur's automobile hub, and Guindy's industrial hub. As a result, professionals working in these fields will find it to be an ideal location.

    Through the Outer Ring Road, Velachery Main Road, and Grand Southern Trunk Road, Kovilambakkam is well connected to other parts of Chennai. The Outer Ring Road makes it easy to get to the Chennai International Airport from Kovilambakkam as well.

    New Address in Chennai

    The abundance of residential properties in Kovilambakkam is yet another factor contributing to the rising demand for real estate there. There are a few premium private undertakings nearby, offering a scope of choices like condos, estates, and plots. Homebuyers can now find a property that meets their specific requirements and budget thanks to the wide range of options available.

    Notwithstanding its essential area and incredible network, Kovilambakkam is additionally known for its fantastic social foundation. In the vicinity, there are a number of well-known hospitals, shopping malls, entertainment centers, and educational institutions. Because of this, it has become an ideal location for families seeking a lifestyle that is both convenient and comfortable.

    Overall, with its excellent location, connectivity, and social infrastructure, Kovilambakkam has emerged as one of the most promising real estate hubs in Chennai, making it an attractive destination for real estate investment.

    TVS Emerald Elements Chennai Plots is located in a neighborhood that has several prominent educational institutions, making it an ideal location for families with children. Here are some of the educational hubs located near TVS Plots Chennai:

    Educational Hubs:

    • SRM University, Kattankulathur Campus
    • Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering
    • Valliammai Engineering College/li>
    • SRM Institute of Science and Technology
    • Chettinad Dental College and Research Institute
    • Victor International School
    • Siddhi Vinayak College
    • Kids R Kids Pre School
    • Buddha International
    • DPS Chennai City

    Health Care units:

    • Apollo Hospital, Vanagaram
    • Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre:
    • MIOT International Hospital
    • Sri Muthukumaran Medical College Hospital

    Recreational Zones:

    • Deepak Games
    • Ebowla Club
    • Dev Game Parlour
    • Jubal Tuble (Super Mall)
    • Gaming Center
    • Player One (MG Mall)
    • Jurasik Park Inn


    TVS Kovilambakkam Plots offers a range of amenities to provide a luxurious and comfortable living experience for residents. The development features a spacious and well-equipped clubhouse, beautifully landscaped gardens, a dedicated children's play area, round-the-clock security, and a jogging track.

    Having fiber optic connectivity throughout a real estate project offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides high-speed internet access, allowing residents to stay connected with the world and work from home seamlessly. Secondly, it enables the use of smart home devices, such as security cameras, thermostats, and lighting systems, which can be controlled remotely through a smartphone or tablet.

    The TVS Pre-Launch Plots Chennai Project in Tamil Nadu is well-equipped with fiber optic connectivity, which ensures that residents have access to high-speed internet and can take advantage of smart home technology. This makes life more convenient and comfortable for residents, allowing them to manage their homes more efficiently and effectively.


    Locality Whereabouts:

    The dream city's gated community projects are well-known. Likewise, in the event that it's a private area. Living in the outpouring is the most convenient, safest, and best way to live.

    One such buzzing project in Chennai is the TVS Chennai In tamilnadu.

    Chennai is an humorous place in tamilnadu. These exciting elements add more beauty to the area.

    It's a decent spot to live on the grounds that it's near the air terminal and has a lovely or beautiful climate. This region's abundance of large land areas is another advantage. Numerous residential and commercial projects are currently underway in this suburb for the aforementioned reasons.

    The suburb connects with airports, commercial centres, educational institutes, health care centres, and entertainment zones.

    There are many companies and industries look for commercial space in this region and the close proximity to the airport.

    Chennai has many industries and companies in the vicinity thus there is a demand for residential homes for rental and buying purposes.

    TVS Plotted Development Chennai provides its residents with the best social infrastructure. The following is a list of some of the most notable ones.

    Educational Institutions:

    • JK Business School
    • Dyal Singh Public School
    • Piet Sanskriti School
    • Arya Bal Bharti Public School

    Health Care units:

    • Ravindra Hospital
    • The Kidney Hospital
    • Kalra hospital
    Advantages of Kovilambakkam Chennai

    What are the reasons for the growth and demand of TVS Emerald Elements Kovilambakkam Chennai ?

    • Numerous businesses and industries make it possible to find work in the area.
    • Because of its environment, life in Chennai is pleasant and peaceful.
    • This region has good connectivity thanks to six-lane roads and proposed peripheral ring roads.
    • Chennai has a decent infrastructure, including major banks, supermarkets, schools, and colleges.
    • The developments in this region and proposed developments are astonishing. Which would add more value to the property
    • These affordable ventures are significant factors to bring in people outside the area to invest in


    Kovilambakkam is a rapidly developing locality in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and offers several advantages to its residents, including:

    Peace in one's life is a goal for everyone. Thus, we have numerous options with respect to our own property. We want a property of the highest quality, with units that are well lit and safe to breathe. We also want to be close to services and easy to get to. Chennai is a city with a great deal of new structures, fantastic framework, and magnificent associations. Consequently, the city's numerous industries and businesses are flourishing. Numerous excellent schools, educational institutions, banks, superstores, and other necessities can be found in Chennai's excellent infrastructure. As a result, it should be easy to find them. are Chennai's best at these. The most important parts of Chennai are connected by numerous roads, including

    • Mumbai
    • Delhi
    • Bangalore
    • Pune
    • Kolkata
    • Ahmedabad

    Strategic location: Kovilambakkam is strategically located and is well-connected to other parts of Chennai. It is located close to the IT corridor and is well-connected to the Chennai International Airport and the Chennai Central railway station.

    Good connectivity: Kovilambakkam has excellent road connectivity with several major roads and highways, including the Velachery Main Road, Inner Ring Road, and the Grand Southern Trunk Road, passing through the locality.

    Infrastructure development: The locality is undergoing rapid infrastructure development with several projects such as the Chennai Metro Rail and the Outer Ring Road in progress, which will enhance the connectivity and accessibility of the area.

    Affordable real estate: The property prices in Kovilambakkam are relatively affordable compared to other prime localities in Chennai, making it an attractive destination for homebuyers and investors.


    TVS Properties Chennai Plots is a leading property in many ways

    • As these are plots the returns are fruitful
    • Could be customized into favourable forms
    • In the same way that apartments are built, pleasing properties with a lot of amenities like outdoor courts, a jogging track, and a huge clubhouse are built.
    • The framework of TVS Emerald Elements Kovilambakkam is super splendid with next-generation facilities
    • The property is cozy, dependable, serene, and fun-filled, but it needs less upkeep..
    • The neighborhood has a pleasant residential feel and is lively. And has a lot of potential due to its proximity to delhi International Airport..
    • Ideal sized apartments best suitable for your dream abode

    On-time Completion Record

    When buying a plot or investing, this is one of the most important considerations. This is not a simple job. A lot of money has been invested by investors and homebuyers.

    Any property's completion certificate contains the following information:

    • Location
    • Height of the building
    • Identification of the land

    How are TVS Chennai Project Advantageous compared to other residential


    Additionally, the garden city offers all these properties in different stages like

    • Upcoming property
    • Under construction
    • Ready to move in

    We ought to select the stage and kind of property that would be most convenient for us.

    The next thing is the location. The most important factor to consider when purchasing a plot is its location. because we must determine how quickly we can start working. There are numerous options for public transportation in the IT city, such as

    • Cabs
    • BMTC
    • Metro
    • Autos
    • The development size of TVS Chennai Plots is about 50 acres
    • The TVS Emerald Elements Kovilambakkam In tamilnadu is finely placed amid well-reputed schools, universities, supermarkets, industries, lakes, plenty of trees and many scenic atmospheres.
    • TVS Group lavishly provides great services, facilities and amenities in the TVS Property In Chennai.
    • The resale value of the TVS Properties In Chennai would be high for its excellent quality and brand value.

    Property Trends

    Property Trends in Chennai

    Chennai is one of the fastest-growing cities in India, with a thriving real estate market. Here are some of the latest property trends in Chennai:

    Why is TVS Group Launching housing property in this Locality?

    Chennai, an area in east tamilnadu has been the focus of real estate builders.

    Affordable Housing: The demand for affordable housing has increased significantly in Chennai in recent years. Developers are now focusing on building affordable homes that cater to the needs of the middle-class and lower-income groups.

    Gated Communities: In Chennai, gated communities are gaining popularity, particularly among the wealthy and upper-middle class. In addition to providing increased security, these communities provide residents with a variety of amenities like parks, gyms, and swimming pools. In Chennai, co-living spaces are becoming increasingly popular with students and young professionals. These spaces offer shared living spaces and conveniences, like kitchens and normal regions, and give a reasonable and helpful lodging choice.

    Technology-Enabled Homes: Technology-enabled homes are becoming increasingly

    Perfect Residential plots Development by TVS Group in Chennai

    The 35-year-old real estate company TVS Group is a well-known developer in the sector. The TVS Group is involved in mixed projects like villas and apartments.

    Within the TVS Emerald Elements Kovilambakkam property, there are many sized apartments available that would suit everyone’s requirements.

    • Investors piece of cake as its simple and easy to sell
    • In case of unsold, we could construct simple houses and rent them out
    • All the basic facilities are available right from work to entertainment
    • Ample space for kid’s to play
    • Stringent security features are provided to lead a safe and peaceful life.
    • The richness of the whole property leads to a great lifestyle
    • Commuting from the property is easy due to the good connectivity
    • Investors could expect good returns
    • The returns like rental and resale value are high
    • Affordable and high-class quality

    The TVS Emerald Elements Kovilambakkam neighborhood is a wonderful place to live. This is an excellent offer whether you are looking for apartments for your own use or as an investment. More than fifteen high-end amenities are included in the project's design. Subsequently, we could expect significant returns or benefits from the property.

    The affordability and raise in the market value of Chennai have made many new-age buyers and investors pursue their dream space.


    tamilnadu is one of the famous places in the country. tamilnadu is preferred for various reasons like

    • Education
    • Professional
    • Business
    • Healthcare

    Because all these sectors are well established in the city. The second-largest fast-growing city in the country is majorly divided into

    Importance of Connectivity in Residential Real Estate:

    This is the main factor that decides the property. Out of the two important aspects of the property locality like

    About TVS Group


    1. How Many Plots are coming in this TVS Development In Chennai?

    Updated Soon.

    2. Where is TVS Emerald Elements Kovilambakkam Located?

    Chennai tamilnadu.

    3. Why is this the Best Plots in Chennai?

    • TVS Group is the most successful builder in Delhi NCR.
    • All the projects executed will be delivered on time.
    • The only builder can take the risk of investment during the pre-launch stage.
    • The plan and execution will be of the highest standard.
    • Return on Investment: Apartments are bought by investors during the early stages, considering very high returns.

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